Multi-family and commercial properties – DRE Lic. # 02034419

Management Services


We specialize in full-service professional management services for single-family homes and for up to 500 Unit Apartment and Commercial Buildings in Silicon Valley.

Our services include:

Tenant Selection Services
We solicit, interview and help clients to select quality tenants from a vast and reliable network of corporate and residential sources throughout the Bay Area.

Professional Staff
We offer a qualified and well-trained staff of property managers. We ensure that they have the appropriate credentials, continuing education and utilize the most up-to-date management techniques. Our clients will always have one property manager assigned as the primary contact for all of their properties. This allows for us to learn in-depth knowledge about each property that we manage, as well as develop a relationship with the tenant base that lives in the units.

Data Management
We are a detailed-oriented firm with a series of computer-driven processes to help manage your property. We use YARDI software, which offers double entry accounting, and the most popular property management software on the market. Custom software designed specifically to make easy-to-read monthly statements;  and accountant friendly year-end financial statements.

Marketing Services

We have access to all of the Bay Area’s top advertising media in order to help our clients minimize vacancies. Additionally, we offer a free service to our clients- one of the leading Bay Area Rental Internet Web Sites, designed to help quickly locate quality tenants. We have a staff person dedicated to Social Media and Internet Presence and constantly strive to update our approach to adapt to new trends and technological changes in our industry.

Team Approach
We work as a “team” with our clients to keep them well informed regarding their investment properties. We supplement our regular monthly reports with additional information and meetings as necessary to ensure that our clients are completely satisfied and comfortable with our management of their investment.

Comprehensive Service Plan

We will develop a custom management plan that best serves the client’s needs. For example, if you would like us to do the accounting, rent collection, and no on-site management of repairs, gardening, maintenance, etc., we can build such a plan for you. Our fees shown, however, are for full-service, such that the client need only to instruct us as to where they would like their income proceeds delivered, wired, or transferred each month.

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